All CVUSD High Schools are now using an on-line Physical Clearance process called  We are hoping this will save parents, athletes and coaches time and paperwork.  Benefits include emails from the website letting parents know when their student’s physical will expire, and coaches being able to access emergency information via their cell phone.  It is a learning process for me and I hope you will all be patient as we make the transition.

Attached are two sets of directions.  The first one is for anyone submitting a physical for the first time for the 2017/18 school year. The second one is for those of you that participated in Physical Day, or have turned in a physical within the last year that is still valid (physicals are good for one calendar year).  Unfortunately, I cannot enter a physical until you create an account for your student.  You do not have to upload the physical since I have that information here, but you and your student will end up signing all the additional documents a second time.  We do apologize for that.

Please read over the instructions and/or watch the video the website provides.  I will be checking the website daily (likely more than one time) so that I can clear your students as fast as you enter them.

Thank you!!!

Lauren B. Lukes

Athletic Secretary

Thousand Oaks High School


Phone: 805-495-7491 X1020

FAX: 805-495-3601

Athletic Instructions (New)

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